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Make no mistake while pickuping a Russian girl

Russian girls are very beautiful, and desirable. In some western countries and cities, they can be met easily. If their parents gave them a good chance in life, they are very educated and hard-working.
If one isn’t lucky to see them around at any time, it’s also possible to meet Russian women online. Some platforms connect with dating agencies and others work without intermediaries.
Thanks to their sexiness, classical features and shapes, girls from Russia are desired by literally anyone. But do all those men know how to treat them at the first meeting?
• Politeness and good manners. Russian girls can’t stand rudeness. Provincial ones would fight for themselves and refined ones would simply stop the conversation.
• Being a good listener. Moscow women are very good listeners themselves, but they expect the same in return especially if they feel the need to share some thoughts.
• Being tidyand having at least one prestigious accessoire. Some light cologne also helps. It’s a matter of style, one’s standards, and quality they got used to see.
• Give no reasons for jealousy. They are rather balanced than very jealous, but discussing other girls in their presence may decrease your value in their eyes a lot.
These warnings are actually normal for nearly any nationality, so there are big chances you’ll succeed in your first talk without making wrong steps. Start gaining your Russian girl’s trust.

Build a correct attitude to attract hot girls

If you have a good taste and your requirements are high, you won’t date any Russian woman, but every fifth of them has model parameters and a very beautiful face. How to attract them?
Remember that bright and sexy girls are attacked by men’s attention since their youngest years, so you should be really original and stand out from the masses surrounding them.
Russian girls receive two types of attitude from their local men: admiration from nerds or womanizers, and rude vulgar molesting. So they are tired of both types of behaviour.
What women in Russia value, is healthy self-confidence and sense of humour. Westerners have a better opportunity to develop these qualities than Russian guys, due to a social stability.
So use your charm and skills without any doubts and insecurities, treat girls gallantly yet without a silly fanatism. Make nice intellectual jokes, and they’ll be all yours.
For sure, it has to be admitted that all model-looking beauties love shopping. They naturally want their lover to participate. If you’re short in money, chose a hot girl from countryside.
They’re much less skilled in wasting money and don’t even know much about big malls in Kyiv or Odessa. There’s more chance they’re after sex and romance only.

Russian girls’ favourite dating platforms

None Russian woman would waste her time on a platform that doesn’t bring results. They’re practical, in a good way, and like to be entertained non-stop. Only great apps are chosen.
Girls in Russia prefer the applications where men’s reliability is kind of guaranteed, and where chatting is both stylish and easy. Here are the best Russian hookup & dating apps.

No. 3. Mamba

Mamba is perfect for beginners who want to take a chance with a Russian beauty without considerable responsibilities from a man’s side and without investing any money.
It’s free, and the assortment of real girls there is so wide, hard not to find someone even on the very first day. However, not all women there look iconic and scammers happen as well.

No. 2. LovePlanet

LovePlanetapp is refined and elegant enough to try one’s skills there once he gained some primary experience with Russian girls and is confident about himself.
LovePlanet is also used for local acquaintances, and some kind of competition is expected. But, girls there are highly intrigued by rare foreigners especially well-groomed and polite ones.

No. 1. Brilic

Brilicapp is a number one app for Russian dating and it promises to keep this position in 2020. Russian female users report they feel absolutely comfortably while using it.
All men are well-checked, both by administrators of the platform and thanks to their ability to afford an elite-priced membership. Plus, Brilic offers a deeply informative dating blog in Russian.

Where to find the most beautiful girls in Russia?

All Russian women are very good-looking, their genotype just slightly differs depending on a region. If you prefer a Nordic type, with blond hair and pale skin, travel to the Northern part.
It isn’t obligatory Siberia of course. It’s rather all big Ural: Perm, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg. Girls there have a calm character, traditional values, and can be a wife material.
If, by any chance, you’re a non-formal and love rock music, gothic style, buddistic lifestyle, try St. Petersburg. It’s the most hippie and creative city in all Russia, although misty and cold.
It can also happen you like dark-haired, passionate girls with mesmerizing brown eyes. All can be! This type can also be found in Russia, particularly, in Tatarstan region.
In Moscow, which is extremely multi-ethnic, many Armenian and Bulgarian girls live who also look hot and exotic. So it’s really your choice whom to date and hookup in Russia.
In one’s search, all factors matter. It makes more sense to date model-looking girls who do not work as models, for obvious reasons. Their sexiness will be only for you, not for the public.
It’s very frequent in Russia that such beauty queens work as teachers, physicians, office workers, even simple sellers or nannies. It means they’re non-demanding and very down-to-earth.
If your vacation allows, visit picturesque villages in Russia, for example around Sochi, and small towns especially around Moscow. Girls there are beautiful yet modest.
It takes rime to learn things about a huge country, get used to its girls’ mentality, find your best strategies for conquering Russian women. But it always pays off, and is rewarded.
Since Crimea unstoppably becomes a part of Russia, it can be a good idea to travel there for meeting girls as well. The place is absolutely beautiful, and the transport is better developed now.
It isn’t a militarized zone, nice tours and excursions are to be held like before. One just needs to be extra careful, always bring his passport with him, and not to try lead a commercial activity.
Crimea is marvelous in summer, but also perfect in all other seasons since beaches are amazing and the mountains are suitable for hiking and camping. Girls are gorgeous as well.
Multiple genotypes are mixed in Crimea, not only Russian and Ukrainian but also Tatar, Turk, Bulgarian, Georgian, Polish. As a result, women are very exotic and hot there.
Doesn’t matter where you search, Russia is going to pleasantly surprise you with a big number of beautiful girls and unique places. It makes Russian dating so popular.