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How to get the results you want via the best free Russian dating sites

So you have found the best free Russian dating websites and you are about to try one of them.  Now in this article, you will learn how to maximize your chance and get the result you want.

Write a compelling headline for your dating profile.  

When women are searching for men online, they will read your headline first, so a very impressive headline is of vital importance.  You must avoid any kind of negativity such as "Recovered from depression”, "I had enough, so I’m looking for something new” or "Gold-diggers must not contact me”.  Just focus on positivity and write something compelling like "an athletic thinker” (women will see you are a multi-dimensional guy) or "Happy to lie about how we met” (this displays your humor and wit).

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Upload a great photo.  

Your photo is just as important as your headline, if not more important, because women are just as visual as men!  They will browse the search results and focus on photos because that’s the first objective filter.  If a woman doesn’t like your photo, then it’s already game over, because physical chemistry is the pre-requisite of a romantic relationship.  Well, if a woman doesn’t like you physically, it doesn’t mean she likes your personality because she hasn’t met you yet!  Usually, if a woman is happy to meet you even though she doesn’t like your photo, nine times out of ten, that’s because she is interested in your money.  And you don’t want that to happen, do you?  Therefore, uploading a good photo on your dating profile is significant.  Using a photo that was taken outdoors is a great idea because research shows that women are more interested in men whose photos are taken outdoors.  The reason is: women associate such photos with upbeat spirit.  In contrast, if your photo is taken in a dark room, women may be intimidated by you.

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Do not show off your money in your dating profile.  

If you really want to avoid gold-diggers from Russia, then try not to show off your wealth in your profile, please.  You really can’t blame Russian women who only want your money if you showcase how much money you have in your dating profile in the first place.  You can imply that you are successful, but don’t post photos to show off your money.  You also need to remember to protect yourself online.  If your money is the only thing that you are proud of, then you probably need to rethink what other value you can bring to your romantic relationship, because money alone won’t solve all problems in any relationship.

When you chat with a Russian woman, use your best English.  

Try to use some high-level words and see whether she can understand you or not.  If she can’t understand what you are trying to say, that probably suggests that this Russian woman is not very well-educated.  In Russia, English language is taught at school, so a Russian woman with reasonable education should be able to understand your English.  That’s why chatting with Russian girls in advanced English is a good filter for you to choose the right Russian lady.  Having a new girlfriend is not a small decision, so you’d better make such a decision carefully.

Ask the right questions to actually see her values.  

If you want to have a healthy relationship with a Russian woman, you must make sure your values are at least compatible with her values.  Ideally, you two should have the same values so that your relationship will be sustainable in the long term.  Most men only look at how hot a Russian girl is and may ignore her other aspects.  However, if you want to be really successful in your love life, you would be well-advised to check her values carefully.  For instance, you can ask her, "What will you do ten years from now?”  If she says, "I will run my own business”, that means career is probably her top value.  If she says, "I will look after my kids”, that means family is probably her top value.  Well, it seems that you should also clarify your own values before you do this!