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My experience with Ukrainian girls: the tips and warnings

Many of you have already traveled to some part of the world to date a local woman. There are lots of destinations for that in the world but I happened to visit exactly Ukraine. I was told not to be afraid of the war there as it’s localized in Donetsk. A friend of mine has met a girl from Kharkov and they eventually got married after 2 years of dating. He saw her only 3 times before he wore the engagement ring on her finger. They now have a baby and she helps him with his little business. We are both from Pennsylvania, USA, my friend and I.
Inspired by their story, I decided to start my search from Kharkov. I met two nice girls online and was corresponding with them for 3 months before I went there. I also decided to ask the agency to organize more meetings for me, and try to meet someone in a nightclub by myself. Let’s see how this all ended.
The girls who I corresponded with, surprised me in a negative way. One of them didn’t show up at all. Another one looked very differently from her profile photos. She had more wrinkles and smaller tits. Obviously, her pictures were Photoshopped. Well her smile and glance were totally false. She immediately started to tell me stories and beg for the money: for her expensive cab, for the medicine for her granny, for the new shoes because she broke the heel. That’s not a big deal and I wouldn’t mind if she was able to talk about something else and notice my personality. But she was fixed on the money only and was a very bad actor. I gave her what she wanted and never called her again.
At the agency, I got several suggestions and chose three girls. One of them was very young but had almost no make-up and her smile seemed sincere. Another one was an older lady with a teenage daughter, she seemed serious in her search. And the third one was a typical Barbie but with a modest looks, not too glamorous. I decided to see where it leads.
Well a young girl was a very diligent dater. She asked me as many questions as she could, and was smiling all the time. We spent three hours with an interpreter and of course I had to pay for their taxi at the end. She thanked me nicely for the dinner and later I was told by the agency she felt no chemistry towards me. Honestly I wasn’t very upset because she appeared to look like a schoolgirl and I do not date kids.
An older lady was very promising. She looked exactly like her photos and was in a great shape. She told me from the beginning she has a lot of free time to spend with me, every day until I depart. I liked her way of thinking, she was mature and humorous. She also knew how to flirt and seduce but not in a vulgar manner. The only thing that raised doubts in me, was her confession that she prefers to see her daughter married to a good man before she leaves her alone and move to another country. Her daughter was only 16 at that moment, how many years did she expect me to wait? Maybe she just wanted to keep me as her extra sponsor and admirer, for ages. I surely didn’t need such a kind of deal.
Finally, the third girl was a professional dancer, but in a small club. She told me she prefers to earn less, but to be in a safer place. I liked that thinking. She was using her beauty and femininity for survival, but in an honest way. She didn’t lie to men and she didn’t sleep with them for money. Well, at least I felt she was telling the truth. She showed me many photos of her parents, the house, her dog, and her working place. There were her friends’ photos and she promised to bring them in person. She didn’t ask me to pay for her taxi and I suggested this by myself. Finally, she was ready to meet without an interpreter for the next time, which was a very good sign.
For now, we are dating for 6 months with this girl. Her name is Elena. She already visited me in USA and we’re planning a vacation together before we apply for her fiancée visa. As you can see, all is possible with a certain portion of luck and some preparation.