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The Benefits of Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women

The fact you are reading this article means you are already interested in dating Russian and Ukrainian women.  In this article, you will learn the real perks of dating them!

Russian and Ukrainian women cook for you.  

Unlike women in western countries, Russian and Ukrainian women like cooking for their men.  That makes them feel like real women.  So, you will be fed very well if your girlfriend is Russian or Ukrainian because they not only love cooking, but also want to cook for you so that you will be looked after and impressed.

They enjoy being feminine.  

In western countries, women want to display masculine energy in order to feel empowered, so they tend to outdo men.  However, in Russia and Ukraine, women like being feminine – they are probably the world’s most feminine women.  Therefore, your Russian/Ukrainian girlfriend is definitely sweet, gentle and warm.

They are ready to have sex with you any time.  

This may sound weird, but it’s a fact: many men told us that their Russian or Ukrainian girlfriends are ready to have sex any time, no matter they are tired after work or have a headache or not.  They even have sex when they are on their period.  In other words, Russian/Ukrainian women want to make their men happy in this regard.  So you are very lucky if your wife is Russian/Ukrainian.

They are very good at doing housework.  

Most Russian or Ukrainian girls are good at doing housework, e.g. cleaning, laundry, etc.  You can lie down on the couch and watch YouTube videos while she is cleaning the floor for you at home.  Your clothes will be washed weekly on time and she will make sure to dry and fold them for you!

They are loyal women.  

Russian and Ukrainian ladies are very faithful.  They don’t see other men if they are in a serious relationship with you.  However, if their long-term relationship starts to become worse, that’s when they begin to chat with their male friends on Facebook or Twitter.  That means as long as you treat her well, she is yours forever.

You feel like a real man.  

Russian and Ukrainian women expect you to be the real man.  If you are dating a Russian or Ukrainian beauty, she will let you make all decisions!  Life becomes simple immediately, doesn’t it?  She actually feels respected by you because you are able to make all decisions and be the leader in the relationship.  Remember: In a relationship, as a man, you either lead or be misled.

They are well-educated.  

Most Russian or Ukrainian women are very well-educated because a lot of them went to art or music schools.  As a result, you will be able to have intelligent conversations with your Russian or find Ukrainian wife if that’s important to you.  Well, in a long-term relationship, this is definitely very important because you are going to talk with your wife for decades.

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They value family.  

Russian and Ukrainian ladies highly value family.  As a result, they respect their family as well as your family.  So the "monster-in-law” scenario won’t happen to your marriage in the future.  Also, because your girlfriend values family, she will be able to look after your future children very well.  This is surely a bonus.

They maintain their looks.  

No matter where they go, Russian/Ukrainian girls always look their best!  This is very different from western women who care less about their looks and complain that men only want good-looking women.  Russian/Ukrainian women always make sure they look beautiful every day, so your Russian/Ukrainian wife will look gorgeous even in her 50s!  That’s apparently a positive element in your marriage because you will enjoy a pretty woman for the rest of your life.

They are honest and straightforward.  

No more game-playing.  Dating Russian/Ukrainian ladies means you can relax because they will be candid with you.  That means when there is a problem, she will tell you immediately, so that you can deal with it quickly.  When she is happy, you will know it as well.  It’s easy to know what she is thinking about, so your love life just becomes easier in general, doesn’t it?