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Why Eastern European Women Are the Hottest in the World

If you are a pro in the dating department, you probably already know that Eastern European women are the hottest of all.  In this article, you will learn why Eastern European women are so hot.

Eastern European women are slim.  

You’ll be glad to know that not everybody in the world is into junk food.  If you travel in Eastern Europe, you’ll see most people there don’t eat junk food because junk food is not so popular in Eastern European countries.  As Eastern Europeans prefer more healthy food in general, their bodies are usually slim.  No wonder there are so many tall and slim girls in East Europe.

East Europe has more pretty women in general.  

Living in a western country such as the United Kingdom and the United States, you have probably noticed that there are a few really beautiful girls in the street and there are also some ugly women.  However, if you visit East Europe, you’ll notice that beautiful girls appear around you much more frequently.  In other words, when you live in London and you see a pretty girl in the street, you may keep thinking about her for at least a day.  In contrast, when you live in East Europe and you see a pretty girl in the street, 2 minutes later, there is another pretty girl in the street.  That’s probably because in East Europe, men don’t really pay a lot of attention to pretty women (or women in general) because men and women are not that equal in those countries – that’s why women in East Europe work harder to look attractive.  Nevertheless, men chase women a lot and actually pay attention to women – no wonder beautiful women are rare in the UK and the US.

Eastern European women dress better.  

In western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, people are very relaxed and laid-back.  Therefore, in these western countries, women don’t pay too much attention to their looks, and they may simply wear something really simple every day no matter where they go.  In other words, western women just wear for comfort because most of the time they don’t want to impress anyone at all.  In contrast, women in Eastern European countries pay much more attention to their looks – they always wear stylish and classy clothes, even if they only need to take the trash out.

Eastern European women don’t play games.  

In western countries, you already know that western women play a lot of games with men while dating (or even in a marriage).  Western women tend to think it’s important to play games so that they wouldn’t lose, hence they are not straightforward most of the time – they give you shit tests, etc.  Nonetheless, Eastern European women say what they mean and mean what they say, so it’s much easier to get along with them!

Eastern European women want you to seduce her.  

In East Europe, many women think it’s a compliment if men want to have sex with them, because that’s a kind of validation – it proves that they are attractive women.  Unlike western women who think they are "gamed” if men are going to sleep with them, Eastern European women think it’s a privilege to make men want them sexually.  As a result, Eastern European beauties actually expect you to be the seducer, which makes your life so much easier!

Eastern European women are more mature.  

In the USA or Australia, you can easily meet women who want to freeze their eggs in their late 30s and wait until they are ready to have kids – they simply don’t realise that if they are in their late 30s, they should probably just settle down and have children now.  Yet in East European countries, many women in their 20s already have plans to get married because they already have their own stable careers.  That is to say, Eastern European women are more mature and they behave like adults much earlier than their western counterparts. Indeed, western women are more likely to behave like high school girls when it comes to dating, while Eastern European women just give you less stress in general.