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Russia has the best 9s and 10s in the world.  No wonder the best PUAs only pick up Russian girls!  If you are also into Russian ladies, you should watch this space as we are going to share the best Russian dating techniques and tips here.  In this article, you will learn how to meet Russian women for free, so both your wallet and your love life can be looked after at the same time!

Join a Russian meet-up group in your city.  

This is the easiest way to know more Russians in general.  Once you have some Russian friends in your social circle, they will introduce Russian girls to you.  Because of the social proof, you are very likely to be trusted by these Russian women.  Building trust is the pre-requisite of starting a romantic relationship.

Use a Russian dating website.  

There are a number of very good dating sites that introduce Russian ladies to western men and some of them are free.  Therefore, you should do some research and see which Russian dating site works best and suits your taste.  Joining a Russian dating website is the most efficient way to meet Russian ladies because they know why you are there – everybody’s intention is clear, so there is no need to play games or play hard-to-get anymore.  And you also know why those Russian ladies are there – they are there because they want to meet someone like you!

Walk around a university campus.  

Do you know that there are many young, attractive and intelligent Russian students in your country?  Yes, they are studying at universities near you!  So you should totally visit these universities often.  When you are walking on campus, you will meet some Russian girls, and that’s the perfect opportunity to speak to them. You may even go to their library and chat up some Russian students there.  Women associate university with safety, so if they meet you there, they already think it’s okay to talk to you.  When they ask you why you are on campus, you can simply say, "I’m here to wait for a friend of mine who studies here, but just now he texted me, saying he has left early.”

Eat in a Russian restaurant.  

There are some Russian restaurants in most western cities, so you should be a regular customer there.  Once you are a customer of a restaurant, their staff members as well as the boss are supposed to treat you with respect.  That’s why it’s very easy for you to become their friend.  Once you are a friend, they will probably invite you to their gatherings where you can pick up Russian girls.  In other words, becoming a friend of a Russian restaurant’s boss is the gateway to meeting Russian girls for free.  By the way, if you go to a Russian restaurant often, maybe you will meet many Russian women who eat there frequently.  When these women know you are the restaurant’s boss’ friend, they will like you more.

Go to a Russian cultural event.  

Most western countries are multi-cultural societies; hence there are Russian cultural events every year.  As a result, you would be well-advised to participate in these events and meet more Russian ladies.  Do some research on Google and write down these events in your calendar.  Remember: if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real!  Thus, you should plan it well in advance and join these events every time.  Russian ladies who go to such events are already excited, so when they meet you on such an occasion, they expect something stimulating.  That’s why it’s much easier to strike an interesting conversation with Russian women in this situation.

Attend a Russian language class.  

This may sound bizarre, but let me explain.  If you are truly interested in women from Russia, you should learn some Russian, so that girls from Russia will be impressed by you even more.  Consequently, you may want to join a Russian language class.  The benefit of attending such a class is actually beyond learning a new language – you will meet daughters of Russian immigrants because their parents who are first-generation immigrants in a western country want their children to learn Russian.  Also, you will probably meet a Russian teacher.  If the teacher is a hot Russian woman, then go for it!  If not, you should still meet the teacher because this teacher probably knows some hot Russian ladies that can be introduced to you.
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